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The Board of Directors Page

There can never be too many channels of communication.
This page is another avenue for facilitating dialogue between the Board and Members.

Here you may find expansions and refinements of discussions only mentioned in the minutes.

You can learn about the projects board members are contemplating and proposals they wish to present or clarifications of recent changes.

They may use this page to request volunteers for events or feedback on their ideas.

While this is not a bulletin board, the use of email can make your responses very efficient.

For your comments, you can e-mail us at birchbayleisurepark@comcast.net.



Mission Statement

Collectively, we will strive to enhance and preserve a safe, sustainable and financially viable seaside community for our members.


Vision Statement

The Vision of Birch Bay Leisure Park, guided by the Board of Directors with support from our membership is predicated on adopting four priorities around which the resort community and its leadership can focus and prioritize its collective efforts:

Enriching community life:  Our members will have an investment in a community that is open and welcoming to all with a strong social order.

Protecting the environment:  All members of Birch Bay Leisure Park are committed to the long term sustainability of our unique setting acting as stewards of our environment and resources.

Ensuring economic viability:  The governance of Birch Bay Leisure Park is guided by financial prudence, having integrity, being accountable and striving for excellence and continuous improvement by investing and maintaining our infrastructure.

Partnering in successful relationships:  Maintain the spirit of cooperation and support among members, community and other stakeholders that flourishes in Birch Bay Leisure Park from years of working together and encouraging each other to achieve a shared vision.

January 6, 2013





 This Code applies to all persons, members and guests, who attend open meetings of the Association, Board of Directors, Standing and Board appointed Committee Meetings of Birch Bay Leisure Park.


 This Code of Conduct is intended to promote a healthy open meeting environment that welcomes debate of issues, feedback and expressions of concern in an atmosphere of fairness, courtesy and respect.

 1.       Open Meeting Decorum:

 a.      Members and members' guests attending the Board meeting will refrain from behavior which disrupts the business of an open meeting of the Board.  This will include making loud noises, clapping, and shouting, booing, hissing, interrupting Board members or other members of the Association, or engaging in any other activity that disturbs, disrupts or impedes the orderly conduct of the meeting.

b.      Persons in the audience will refrain from creating, provoking, distracting or participating in any type of disturbance involving unwelcome physical contact or verbal abuse.

c.      Persons in the audience will silence and refrain from using mobile phones, electronic devices and/or pagers while the meeting is in session.

d.      Persons in the audience will not audiotape or record in any electronic manner the meetings of the Board and Board Committees without the consent of the participants. 

These policies apply to Scope of the Application of the Code of Conduct

 2.       Open Question Period: 

a.      The Open Question Period at the conclusion of the Board Meeting or as invited by the Chair has been constructed as an opportunity for members to provide inputs to the meeting Chair.

b.      Each member will identify themselves and their site number. If a guest is representing the Park as an agency or a Member; the Park Agency or Member may be requested to confirm they are in fact representing the views of the Park, Agency or Member.

c.      Each member will be given a reasonable time, typically two (2) minutes to speak on a topic related to the Open Meeting agenda or a related topic, subject to extension at the discretion of the Chair. 

d.      If a member of the Board or Committee is confident and able to respond to the input, then a response will be forthcoming.  If not, the Recording Secretary will record the input and a response, if required, will be forthcoming. Input will be considered by the Board or Committee and will be taken under advisement, however there is no requirement to respond until information related to the matter can be retrieved, reviewed and formulated into a response. 

e.      The principles of courtesy and respect are essential.  Personal attacks, insults, innuendo or questioning of motives is not permitted. Bullying, threats and intimidation will not be tolerated.

f.       Members must speak in order, and no member may speak a second time until every member who wishes to do so have spoken once.

g.      The Chair may dismiss previously submitted input, questions or a comment from Members unless it can be demonstrated new information has come forward that is germane to the original comments.

h.      The Chair may at any time terminate or adjourn the meeting if in the opinion of the Chair, feels the business of the meeting is being compromised, delayed or otherwise obstructed.   

Persons' failure to comply with this Code of Conduct, and any conduct which will disturb, disrupt or impede the orderly business of Board or Committee meetings shall result in removal of that person or persons from the meeting and or the Termination or adjournment of the Open Meeting. 

Board Approved: 

January 10, 2015


Code of Ethics

Birch Bay Leisure Park

All members of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers serving on committees or otherwise associated with Birch Bay Leisure Park, are committed to conducting the organization's business with the highest standards of integrity and personal conduct; exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Board of Directors.  The Code of Ethics cannot address all specific situations; therefore any suggestion of a possibility of conflict should be brought to the attention of the Board. 

Duty of Care:  As a board member, we are required to exercise the same care than an ordinary, prudent person would exercise in a like situation or under similar circumstances.

Duty of Loyalty:  As a board member, we are required to act in good faith, be faithful to the organization and pursue the organization's best interest.  Board members must be dedicated to the organization's mission and put the interests of the organization above self-interest.  Directors must provide full disclosure of any issues that cause a potential conflict of interest.  If potential conflicts of interest occur, the affected board member will not attempt to unduly influence the rest of the board and will recuse themselves from discussing and voting on the matter.

Duty of Obedience:  As a board member, we act in accordance with the organization's rules and policies, and in furtherance of our goals as stated in the mission statement, articles of incorporation and by-laws.

As a member of the Board, I will:

  • Listen carefully to my board colleagues

  • Respect the opinion of fellow board members

  • Respect and support majority decisions of the board

  • Recognize that all authority is vested in the full board only when it meets in legal sessions

  • Bring constructive criticism and feedback to our Executive Meetings so that discussion and resolution can evolve in an effective manner

  • Keep well-informed about developments relevant to issues that may come before the board

  • Participate in board meetings and actions

  • Bring to the attention of the board any issues I believe will have an adverse effect on the organization and/or our members

  • Bring to the attention of the board any knowledge of ethical misconduct

  • Attempt to interpret the needs of our members

  • Recognize that my job is to ensure that Birch Bay Leisure Park is well-managed, not to manage the organization

  • Represent all our members and not just a particular group or interest

  • Consider myself a trustee of the organization, and do my best to ensure that it is well-maintained, financially secure, growing and operating in the best interests of the members

  • Accept my fiduciary responsibility to prevent the loss, damage, misuse or theft of property, records, funds or other assets belonging to the organization, including restricting the use of such assets to the business of the organization

  • Declare conflicts of interest between my personal life and my position on the board, and abstain from voting or discussion when appropriate

  • Ensure we act in a manner that preserves the life, health and safety of members and their families and guests, our staff and other visitors to the Park


    As a member of the Board, I will not:


  • Criticize fellow board members or their opinions, in or out of the board meeting

  • Use Birch Bay Leisure Park for my personal advantage or that of my friends or family

  • Discuss the confidential proceedings of the board outside of board meetings

  • Promise before the meeting how I will vote on any issue

  • Interfere with duties of the General Manager or undermine the General Manager's authority with staff members






Purpose: The Board of Directors of Birch Bay Leisure Park will appoint a Nominating Chair for the purpose of soliciting and receiving nominations from members to run for vacant portfolios on the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. The Nominating Chair serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.


Scope: The Nominating Chair, both through his or her own efforts, or through the activities of a Committee established by the Nominating Chair, will solicit and receive nominations from members who aspire to run for vacant portfolios on the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. The Nominating Committee may recommend acceptance of the nominations and the Office Manager will validate that the nominations are from members in good standing. The Board of Directors may receive nominations directly from members. The Board of Directors may choose to disregard one or more nominations brought forward by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Chair and members of the Nominating Committee cannot be considered as a nominee for any of the vacant Board positions. The Nominating Chair works within the timeline(s) established from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Roles and Responsibilities:


·        Fairly and objectively evaluate candidates for open Board positions in light of the skill sets and diversity of characteristics currently needed on the Board, according to a structured evaluation process designed to nominate Board Directors who can best serve the members in light of the vision and values of the Association

·        Maintain confidentiality in its deliberations and choices of those to propose to the Board for nomination while maintaining transparency in its process

·        Display no bias or preference, simply promoting candidates who have merit and skills that suit the vacancies on the Board

·        Comply with the Code of Ethics of the Association in all actions and behaviors while serving as a Chair or volunteering on the Committee.







Purpose: Birch Bay Leisure Park Facebook Community Page has been established to provide a friendly, community building timely medium for members of Birch Bay Leisure Park to exchange information, ideas, concerns, suggestions, volunteer opportunities, calendar updates, weather concerns, safety bulletins, resort activities and pictures. Birch Bay Leisure Park Facebook Community Page is established and maintained to build community. This site is owned and maintained by Birch Bay Leisure Park as a community and not by any one individual.


Please remember we have over 1,500 members and therefore we focus posts on the information referenced above. It is our hope that by sharing this information, we can increase all members' participation in and knowledge about the Park. The page is not for posting commercial ads and/or selling products via a business. We ask that no individual post frequently for the same or similar items.


Scope: The Facebook site is for the sharing of information that is accurate and pertaining to the Park and events and activities in the Park. It is not meant for personal and individual disagreements, defamation of character, gossip and slander. Nor is this a site for posting information that has not been verified to be reasonably accurate and well intentioned in nature. If we all consider that this page is established to build community, we should achieve that very thing.


The following Community Standards have been developed to help members understand what type of sharing is allowed on Facebook, and what type of content may be reported to us and removed.


There are two Facebook Administrators, appointed by the Board of Directors, who are charged with ensuring the timely, accurate and appropriate posting of information and pictures and that all postings are consistent with the purpose of building community. They will work collaboratively for the benefit of the Park and its members.


Community Standards - and consistent with our purpose:


·        Our Facebook site must be a safe site for members; the personal information of members is secure

·        We encourage our members to communicate in a respectful manner

·        Attempts to post anything crude or excessively profane, or any harmful, rude, unsubstantiated rumors, or criticism of our fellow BBLP members, will be deleted and the offender will be warned and or banned from the site.

·        Offensive information or exchanges are prohibited

·        There is no unauthorized advertising or solicitation allowed, including fund raising or group organizations outside of Birch Bay Leisure Park. Anyone who cannot follow this rule will be banned immediately.

·        Members who cause contention and disagreements will be banned at the discretion of the administrators.

·        Members may not create multiple "identities" to post on this community page. Repeated abuse of this rule to skirt a rule or restriction in this policy may result in being banned from posting.

·        Because of the growing members in the BBLP Facebook community page, and the diversity of our park members, political and religious topics are prohibited. This is a forum for the discussion of BBLP activities. Members that do not follow this rule will be warned and may be banned from posting.

·        If members see something on Facebook that they believe violates our Community Standards, they must report this to the Administration Office to be communicated to the Facebook Administrators.

·        Reporting something does not guarantee that it will be removed because it may not violate our Community Standards

·        Members' questions may be posted to the site; however, disagreements are best resolved in person rather through postings.

·        The consequences for violating our Community Standards vary depending on the severity of the violation and the member’s history on Facebook. For instance, we may warn a member for a first violation, but if we continue to see further violations we may restrict a member’s ability to post on our Facebook site or ban the member permanently from participating on the page.


Responsibilities: The Facebook Administrators will make every attempt to reasonably ensure that content is appropriate, accurate and timely. The Administrators will respond to concerns and complaints and ensure these are addressed. The Administrators reserves the right to remove content from our Facebook site and have the ability to temporarily or permanently deny access to a member who is not compliant with our Community Standards. The Administrators serve at the direction and under the supervisions of the Board.


September 4, 2015






Purpose: To establish guidelines for communication via electronic means between the Board of Directors of Birch Bay Leisure Park and staff and other parties that are professional, purposeful, in keeping with business etiquette and will pass the test of time for preserving Board communication records.


  1.  Basic: The subject line of the email should introduce the topic that is being discussed. The email message is sent to only those who need to be consulted. It is unnecessary to distribute to a wide group of individuals unless they have a requirement to be included.
  2. Complex issues: Issues that are complicated and require a lot of background information and clarification may not be appropriate for email conversations and may be saved for in-person discussions.
  3. Forwarded emails: Take the time to ensure that emails that have been forwarded multiple times, have the extraneous information removed, with an updated message line so that readers are not wading through an extended email thread.
  4. Tone and Courtesy in writing: The tone is a very important part of electronic communication. Humour can be difficult to convey in text and may not be appropriate for Board communication. It is easy for messages to be misinterpreted since there are no physical gestures or voice inflections that accompany the text. Refrain from inappropriate language and derogatory or personal attacks. Assume the best of others and expect the best from them. Disagree with ideas, but avoid challenges that may be interpreted as a personal attack. Be open to be challenged or confronted on your ideas or perceptions. Challenge others with the intent of facilitating growth. Do not demean, harass or embarrass others. Encourage others to develop and share their ideas.
  5. Topics: Stick to the topic; if you wish to pursue an unrelated idea, create a new email with an appropriate subject line.
  6. Grammar, Spelling and Fonts: The communication of the Board is likely to become part of the records of the Association, so our writing style should conform to the rules of Standard English. Avoid slang and swearing. Use standard spelling. Use the spell check. Stick to standard fonts. Do not write any emails with your capitals locked on, this is annoying.
  7. No Response: As a Board we should respond to emails within a reasonable period of time. If we are away and/or out of the office we should make a habit of having an “out of the office” message responding to emails.
  8. No Reply Necessary: When you are providing information in an email communication, but no response is required unless a clarification is needed, include “No Reply Necessary” in the subject line.
  9. Reply to an Original Message: When you are replying to an original message, ensure the previous message is below or attached to your reply.
  10. Messages without Signature Lines: Your email communication should have your signature line so that you can be identified as the sender.
  11. Too many Attachments: Sending an email with too many attachments may create an issue for some recipients.
  12. E-Mail Disclaimer: Many organizations have a message in their signature line which reads like this: This message and any attachments are the property of Birch Bay Leisure Park Association and are intended solely for the named recipients or entity to who this message is addressed. If you have received this message in error please inform the sender via e-mail and destroy the message. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not allowed to use, copy, circulate or disclose the contents or attachments in whole or in part.



Adopted this ____9th_____ day of ___May_____________2015 by the Board of Directors.


Recording Secretary



Terms of Reference: Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee


The Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee is a volunteer committee of members in good standing and/or individuals appointed by members to gather, consider and recommend actions to be taken for site remediation to the Board of Directors. The Committee may conduct research and make recommendations with a goal of providing the Board with recommendations of guidelines that will ensure sites are remediated with realistic goals and. The Committee is solely a recommending Committee.


The Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee is ideally comprised of five (5) to seven (7) representatives from any site within the Park, the Director, Rules and Regulations, and the Director, Grounds and Maintenance. It is the expectation that the Committee will meet through virtual and live communication channels up to October 2014, with the potential to extend the Committee beyond this point if consensus cannot be made. In the unlikely event that consensus is unattainable, upon decision of the Director, Rules and Regulations, the Committee will stand down and may be reformed through support of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will confirm the members of the Committee at a subsequent meeting.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

A schedule for Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee meetings will be discussed and approved. A quorum will be established to ensure that sufficient representation is available to effectively conduct meetings.

Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee members will be responsible to provide input and recommendations on remediation opportunities and core concepts, based on the type(s) of site deficiencies that exist.

Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee members will NOT be responsible to make recommendations to change, alter or adjust the current Rules and Regulations.

Minutes from the Rules and Regulations Site Remediation Committee meeting will be distributed through the Administration Office to all members and the Board of Directors.

Consensus will be attained by the Committee, using the quorum if needed, to provide the Board of Directors a set of guidelines that could be approved and provided to the Membership on how best to ensure compliance to the Rules and Regulations related to site maintenance and presentation/ layout.

August 7, 2014







The purpose of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee (the Committee) is to review, report, and where appropriate, approve or provide recommendations to the Board regarding human resources and compensation matters including but not limited to proposals for the compensation of the General Manager and staff, succession management, recruitment of key positions, development, retention, significant human resource policies and employee relations issues.


The Board of Directors delegates to the Committee the following duties and responsibilities:

With the assistance of the General Manager, or his delegate, obtain appropriate comparative market compensation data.

Review staff compensation with direct input from the General Manager, including occasional bonuses and seasonal bonuses, when appropriate.

Establish the annual compensation plan for the General Manager; including variable compensation, when and where appropriate; initial research and discussion of the General Manager’s compensation will occur in the absence of the General Manager.

Provide guidance on best practices relating to compensation and benefits.

Ensure through the administration staff that all new employees receive appropriate onboarding and orientation to their roles; where appropriate a member of the Committee may provide the opportunity for an exit interview with departing employees.

Review benefit plan design, renewals and/or changes with direct input from the General Manager. This may include employer/employee contribution rates.

Establish and review the job description for the General Manager and ensure current job descriptions are maintained and reviewed with all other staff.

Ensure through the administration staff that employee Human Resources records are maintained in an appropriate and compliant manner, including hiring documents, performance documents, letters of accommodation, etc.

Ensure that all new employees receive a timely review before the completion of their probationary period and thereafter on an annual basis.

Ensure that Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety policies are reviewed, updated and applied in a consistent and compliant manner.

Review and monitor the effectiveness of management systems in place within the Park to identify and manage the principles risk health and safety.

Provide guidance and expertise to the General Manager in matters dealing with sensitive and/or complicated employee relations; recommends remedial solutions which may include disciplinary measures.



The Committee will be comprised of a minimum of 3 and up to 5 members meeting the eligibility requirements of the BBLP By-laws and Rules and Regulations. The Committee is deemed to stand down just prior to the AGM. The Board will then confirm the members of the Committee at a subsequent meeting, but no later than October 31st.

Ideal qualifications of Committee Members are:

Possess or have experience with compensation and health and welfare plans and performance management plans.

Have access to current and appropriate data relating to local trends in compensation programs, benefit plans and plan renewals.

When committee members have a relationship or affiliation with an employee, this must be disclosed to prevent real or potential conflicts of interest.

The General Manager will participate, as the staff liaison, to provide insight into staff reviews, duties, achievements, etc.


The Chair of the Committee will be the Board Treasurer.

A quorum is deemed to be reached when at least 51% of the members are personally present or by real time electronic attendance. Because of the nature of some confidential discussions that may need to take place with the Committee, some discussions may only occur in person as there is no certainty that electronic attendance is secure.

Meetings will be at the call of the Chair at least 2 times per year, and then on an as-needed basis. One meeting will be in November - December to confirm staff wages for the following year. The other meeting will be in March-April to confirm health and welfare benefits for full time permanent employees.

Where the work of the Committee results in significant changes in the employee group, the Committee will ensure timely and appropriate communication to the rest of the Board.

Except at the discretion of the Chair, a member absent for more than two consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.

Reports and recommendations will be provided at the request of the Board or as resolved by the Committee.

The work of the Committee is highly confidential and is governed by privacy legislation. Matters discussed at the Committee may be summarized for presentation to the Board, preserving the confidentiality of employee matters.



Terms of Reference: Recreation and Entertainment Committee


Purpose: The Recreation and Entertainment Committee will develop and plan activities for the benefit of all members, their families and guests of Birch Bay Leisure Park. .


The members of the Committee will be appointed as Volunteer Coordinators and will be members of Birch Bay Leisure Park in good standing and responsible for the planning and execution of activities in the Park;


The Committee will be constituted after the Annual General Meeting and will step down before the following Annual General Meeting.


The Chair of the Committee is a Director and preferably the Director holding the portfolio of Recreation and Entertainment. A co-chair may be elected by the Committee and is responsible for duties defined by the Committee and may include the general overall mandate of the Committee and execution of activities


The Chair and the Committee will establish and recommend to the Board of Directors an annual calendar of activities for the Park. During the course of their term, additional activities may be recommended to the Board of Directors for addition or removal from the activities calendar as needed.


Volunteer Coordinators will self-identify as team leaders for specific events; the Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for establishing the appropriate team of volunteers to support their specific event.


The Committee will ensure there are Volunteer Coordinators for each event on the calendar, including a Volunteer Coordinator to maintain the commissary.


On principle, events established by the Committee are organized on a break-even or make a profit basis unless specifically identified in advance and communicated to the Board of Directors.


The Committee will be responsible for securing the necessary regulatory permits and licenses related to the serving of food and serving of liquor.


The Committee will be responsible for communicating to the GM, well in advance, the details of any upcoming events.


All funds raised by the Committee are accounted for in a policy recommended by the Finance Committee and deposited into the Entertainment bank account. The accounting for each event will be communicated to the Park Members in a timely fashion with expenses and profit or loss fully disclosed.


Subject to the approval of the Committee Chair, Volunteer Coordinators can incur activity expenses to a maximum of $2900. Expenses over $2,900 must be approved by the Board. The Finance Committee will establish appropriate financial procedures for the processing of activity expenses of the Committee.


Subject to the approval of the Committee Chair, Volunteer Coordinators can incur non-activity expenses to a maximum of $900. Expenses over $900 must be approved by the Board. The Finance Committee will establish appropriate financial procedures for the processing of non-activity expenses of the Committee.


In principle, profits from events organized by the Committee are to fund events that support entertainment and recreation programs for Park Members, their families and guests intended to support the betterment of the Park.


In the event the Committee purchases an item that will become a capital asset of the Park, the item will be communicated and approved prior to being included in the ongoing maintenance of the Park’s assets.


Committee Purchases recommended to be attached, replaced or otherwise becoming part of an existing building or structure will be communicated and approved prior to purchase.


The Committee is responsible for all Park supported activities in BBLP. If a member elects to promote an event that is not supported by the Committee, prior approval from the Board will be required to ensure that the appropriate measures are in place to protect the Park’s interests and assets.


The Committee will not be eligible for financial compensation except for out of pocket expenses, approved by the Committee or other expenses approved by the Finance Committee.


Solicited sponsorship, donations or donations in kind will be consistent with our role and values as a member of the Birch Bay Community.


Recreation and Entertainment activities will respect our Birch Bay Community neighbors’ rights to also enjoy the area’s peace and enjoyment.  

October 1, 2011






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